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The Olomana Trail: 3 Peaks Climb - Oahu, Hawaii

Team Yeti never takes a real vacation.
There's no time to sit around, do nothing and relax when there are mind blowing adventures to be had. Perfect example: Exploring the island of Oahu, Hawaii. This mountainous island wonderland has non-stop hikes at every corner. Waterfalls, wild pigs, deep gooey mud, stunning vistas and some extreme humidity made for an excellent hike on the famous Olomana Trail.

It's not for everyone, but we we couldn't get enough of the sketchy, slippery ascent.
(Someone really should replace some of those ropes though...)

Music: Don't Stop by Odesza

Shot with: Nikon D3100 & GoPro Hero 2
BahZerkle : Awesome video! I hiked to the first peak and just dropped a video on it too! One day I want to do all three so epic ?
Found Wheels : I have done this climb. You guys look loke you had way to much faith in those ropes. Should not habe put any wieght on them. People have died on this "trail"
fredrick ledger : Take at least 5 bucks with you and leave it in the rusty lunchbox on the 3rd peak for the people who need money can do the hike and keep it.
Brandon Sims : Incredible video, any tips? Also how long for all 3 peaks?? I’m very fit and coordinated, done a few easy-intermediated level hikes, but what skill level do you recommend for this hike? This goes to anyway that’s done this btw. Also any gear you recommend bringing?
Cherubino : NOPE
Serjio Kemper : @supremequesthi let's hike!
Edward Joy : Great video
Stephen Fucito : Annoying music
katyDidz2410 : Another hiker died on the third peak of this trail today. He suffered a 400 foot drop. Proceed at your own risk.
H. Y. : This is too crazy. Someone died this week after plunging 400 feet. Oh hell no. You guys are brave




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