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The Future Is Electric

It’s never too late to learn something new with the #XC40Recharge #ForEveryonesSafety

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Moni Ism : When the 'future meets the past'.
There are no modern technology at his house, yet she eventually realise its still a still works.
The shift from analog to digital, from fossil fuel to electric.
qwerty the third : i hope im not the only one who thinks that the xc40 is the ugliest car volvo ever made
김철호 : Why not make a hard top convertible with a lid with a design like Ferrari Monza or Shelby Cobra??
PRIVATE USER : if the future is that fast paced, hectic and non tactile...I don't want it.
TheMrFailz : No matter how targeted this ad may be Volvo, ya ain't gonna get me to give up my brick.

The Ultimate Safety Test

What if the biggest safety challenge isn’t on the road anymore? #UltimateSafetyTest

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Certain scenes include actual historical crash test footage from the Volvo Cars testing facilities. Certain scenes depict actors dramatizing safety center activities and other events. The vehicle crane drop scene is a dramatization of an actual emergency evacuation methods training.
Toddolius : Truck holding the Volvo in the air probably still drives on diesel or gas but hey, lifting a car up in the air is of course very important
Raven Laker : BRO BRING BACK VOLVO 240
lijlijlil : 전기차가 사용하는 전기를 생산할 때 어차피 화석연료를 사용하기 때문에 특별히 친환경적이진 않을텐데.. 진짜 환경을 생각한다면 수소자동차를 만들어야지. 대세가 전기자동차니 어쩔 수 없는건 알지만 앞뒤가 안맞네.
Peter Sung : What a terrific advertisement Well done, Volvo! Great to see a major organisation - specifically a car manufacturer - raising awareness for something incredibly important!
FlyN Saucer : And where are we getting all the necessary electricity?!?

Volvo Cars Moment: Recharge

Watch our live event as we discuss moving towards a more sustainable future. We are part of the problem and therefore need to be part of the solution. Sustainability is now as important as safety to us, and climate change is the ultimate safety test. That’s why we’re changing to all-electric. Starting today. #ForEveryonesSafety​

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Ömer Faruk Eker : I am a teacher and I have to work for 20 years to have a volvo car. And I shouldn't spend any money
Caio Addono : I always loved Volvo , since I was just a boy. Congratulations dear Volvo, I Iike Volvo in these days too, today I am 35 years old.
Caio Addono : If Saab is similar than Volvo, Gripen is incredible too, exatly Volvo, really.
Caio Addono : I love Skywalks from Brazilian Navy, excelent motors, incredible sensors, wonderfull planes. I believe that Gripen is amazing too, exatly Volvo, honestly.
Caio Addono : I never flown in Gripen, but I believe that Gripen is excelent too, equal Volvo.




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